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FOF #1380 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

CNN anchor-stud Anderson Cooper is rumored to officially and finally come out of the closet as a gay man, as soon as next week just in time for Pride — with a series of interviews with over a dozen major celebrities doing the same thing.

Don’t hold your breath, but it could be a very hot week on CNN. What will the mass exodus of celebrities coming out mean for you and me?

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Sarah Dearest

In honor of Margaret Cho spilling the bean on the backstage antics of the Palins on DTWS.

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VIDEO: The Situation Taunts Bristol Palin With Condoms

How much does Bristol Palin get paid to pretend like she’s not going to have sex until marriage? It’s too much I’m sure. I can’t wait for the sex video.

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VIDEO: Bristol Palin in a Monkey Suit

Dance monkey dance! I’m creeped out that they call her a “teen activist.” And she’s as good at dancing as her mother is with being a human being.

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VIDEO: Was Sarah Palin Booed on Dancing With the Stars?

Was Sarah Palin booed when she came out on the set of Dancing with Stars or was the audience booing Jennifer Grey’s dancing score? And, more importantly, is that hot guy behind her, her son?

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