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FOF #2722 – The Bearded Belly Dancer

Initially drawn to belly dancing as a form of exercise, Kamrah soon discovered that it was a great way to express femininity which was something Kamrah always struggled with. But after a decade of gyrating those hips, Kamrah came out as trans male which put into question his identity as a belly dancer.

Today the fierce and fabulous Kamrah, Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer, joins us to talk about their journey in belly dancing

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FOF #2713 – Pleasant Gehman Put a Spell On You

Today the Princess of Hollywood, the Divination Princess Farhanna, Pleasant Gehman joins us to give us a glimpse into her wild life living in the punk scene of the 80s and her witch themed occult burlesque show.

Listen as Pleasant talks about taking Kurt Cobain to drag shows, stalking horror hostess Vampira, and why she wants to ride the Goodyear blimp and her hashtag: #blimpinainteasy

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FOF #2671 – A Queen for the Creeple

Like many gals in her scene, Dis Charge cherishes her grassroots scene and feels at odds with the mainstreaming of drag as a result of the success of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today U.K. queen Dis Charge and her gal pal Ophelia Wilde join us in the home studio to talk about their counterculture roots as burlesque artists.

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Ask Ben DeLaCreme ANYTHING!

Oooh girl, 2014 has been a busy year for Ben De La Creme, our gal pal from years back who used to perform here in Chicago but now tears up the clubs in Seattle with […]

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Burlesque- The Movie

Wow that was fast- Burlesque is now available on iTunes! Now you don’t have an excuse for not seeing it!

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Christina Aguilera Arrested

Has the failure of Burlesque sent Christina Aguilera into a downward spiral? TMZ reports that the singer was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by police for erratic driving in West Hollywood. […]

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VIDEO: Lady Bunny’s Burlesque

Lady Bunny does it again with a hilarious parody of Cher’s awkward film Burlesque. It’s precisely because of all the things that Bunny touches on in this video that you should go see the deliciously […]

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VIDEO: Titty Tassels

The perfect prop for Fausto’s next video- an instructional video on how to use titty tassels, and how to practice various beginner and advanced moves.

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VIDEO: Wagon Wheel Watusi REMIX

It was only a matter of time…

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VIDEO: Dragged Out Asian Kid Dances to Burlesque

Youtube yanked it but DListed ripped it. The adult drags queens aren’t putting out any tribute videos to Burlesque so this little kid is picking up the slack! And boy can he work those Christina […]

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