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FOF #2790 – Send in the Clowns

Critics are describing Todd Phillips’ psychological thriller Joker as “toxic” and “irresponsible.” Featuring Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, the film avoids the traditional comic book blockbuster but instead draws on classic films like The King of Comedy in order to explore the real inequalities in modern day America.

Today we take a look at Todd Phillips’ new film Joker and how folks like Martin Scorsese and Jennifer Anniston think superhero blockbuster films are destroying Hollywood.

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VIDEO: Bill Maher: ”America Likes the Gay Thing Shoved Down It’s Throat.”

Bill Maher can be a bit much some times, but he was on fire on his last show.  “Now that a Cheney [Dick], a McCain [Megan], and a Bush [George’s daughter, Barbara] have come out […]

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Ron Howard’s President’s Reunion

President’s Reunion Behind the Scenes – watch more funny videos From Funny or Die

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