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VIDEO: The Queens Message To Canada

For our friends north of the border- Merry Christmas and don’t give the queen so much egg-nog.

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IMAGE: America Loves the Back Door Sex

Who knew Canada and the U.S.A. are f*ck buddies? — Thanks to Shizznit

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Not All Sex Has the Same Risk

Math and sex? Is it a test? Sort of- when it comes to sex, it’s helpful to evaluate the risk to your health. Check out Canada’s new “Do the Math” campaign and evaluate your risk […]

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Vancouver Olympic PRIDE House

The Vancouver Olympic PRIDE House in the Athlete’s village in Vancouver and Whistler, BC Canada offer a safe haven for gay and lesbian athletes and anyone else who wants to drop by while at the […]

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Winter Olympics 2010 or Lilith Fair 1995?

K.d. lang  and Sarah McLachlan to open the Vancouver games.  Could the Winter Olympics BE anymore lezzie?

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Aboriginal Comedy Show

Here’s something you don’t see everyday- Aboriginal Comedy Show Aboriginal Comedy Show by Richard Ogima from Richard Ogima on Vimeo. More at Rezflow.

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FOFA #525 – Becoming a Lesbian Dad

The podcast that calls and calls until it gets it right-Feast of Fools! Getting a hold of celebrities is difficult, especially when you call the wrong number. It’s very nice when the person on the […]

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