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FOF #933 – Presidents’ Gay

President’s Day, a day where we celebrate the contribution of many of our nation’s great presidents has come and gone, but one thing we’re often asked is which presidents were gay or even a little […]

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FOF #879 – Rich Latin Flavor

Sazon! It means flavor in spanish. Today we continue our delicious latin flavored podcast with our queer Puerto Rican friends Carlos Torres and Gerry Peréz. Carlos talks about the upcoming documentary “A Sealed Fate” about […]

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FOF #878 – Puerto Rican Truth or Dare

Lets talk about sex baby! On today’s Feast of Fools we’re getting jiggy with it as we examine the nature of three ways, rules for keeping it safe, sexy and fun. Marc always is telling […]

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FOF #779 – Rock the Future

We are joined by two creative visionaries living in Chicago, Carlos Torres, a DJ and electronic music producer and Creative Director and Music Editor for Fluxcore online magazine and Sadie Woods, musician and Editor-In-Chief for […]

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