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FOF #2720 – Getting Deep into Heavy Metal

With its gratuitous sex, drugs, violence and musical soundtrack, the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal became a hit with midnight movie goers, influencing films & TV shows like He-Man, Blade Runner and the 5th Element.

Today queer comic book publisher Zan Christensen joins us to take a look at Heavy Metal, it’s influence on Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and on Zan’s current project with illustrator Yves Navant- 13: The Astonishing Lives of the Neuromantics, a space opera adventure seen through a queer lens.

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Disney Is at It Again! God Bless Those Subliminal Sex Artists

I’ve heard of starving artists, but I hadn’t imagined the phrase referred to ‘sex-starved’ artists.  Disney has been injecting subliminal sexual messages into their art for a long time.  I think their trying to balance […]

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The Fantastic Art of Trevor Wayne

We were lucky to meet artist Trevor Wayne in LA last year. He’s a good friend of Deven Green and Joel Bryant. He included Fausto and I in his artwork so I thought I’d share […]

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VIDEO: Teaser Trailer for New Smurf’s Movie

I don’t know about you, but I love the Smurfs! Those loveable blue creatures that Gargamel and his cat were always trying to catch, and for some reason, eat.  Well coming to the big screen […]

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La Ley Arizona

This cartoon rocks!

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VIDEO: Bugs Bunny and the Easter Rabbit that Tried to Be Gay

I think the book that Bugs is reading is “How to Multiply,” and I don’t think it’s about multiplication tables.

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Malice in Wonderland (NSFW)

I think the best drug to watch this on would be LSD, or maybe pot. (NSFW)

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