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VIDEO: Betty Boop Halloween

Vintage Halloween cartoon where Betty throws a party, sings the Tiki Bird Room song and fights off a bully with the help of her supernatural friends.

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‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Gay Hate Crime?

Rocko’s Modern Life was always one of my favorites, and while I do vaguely recall this episode, I forgot how much of gay innuendo that existed. I may have to find this show and re-watch […]

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Celebrities That Look Like Cartoons

Madonna really does look like Skeletor doesn’t she? Unreality Magazine has scoured the world looking for celebrities that look like cartoons, not surprisingly they came up with a whole bunch of them. What celebrity do […]

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The Late Eartha Kitt’s Final Performance on the Simpsons’ 20th Anniversary Show

I can now die a happy man. On the 20th anniversary show of the Simpsons, Krusty the clown plans to get married and Bart and Milhouse try to stop the wedding ceremony by playing interview […]

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“The Other Family” – “The Family Circus” With a Sadistic Twist!

I’m quite certain that many of us had parents who cut out and pasted “The Family Circus” cartoons on their refrigerators when we were much younger.  The comic, which features members of the Keane family […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Feast of Fun

Every single time Marc and I make Thanksgiving dinner with our family, I always think how Snoopy served Charlie Brown and his friends a dinner of toast, popcorn and jelly beans around a ping-pong table! […]

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