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PHOTOS: Cats with Lightsabers = Viral

Adorable and dramatic, there are a couple of websites popping up dedicated to photoshopping Star Wars lightsabers onto cats paws, dogs, and a whole lot more.

WATCH: Adorable Video of Hairless Cat Taking a Bath

And they say cats don’t like water. Check out this adorable video of a hairless cat pawing at the water in a bathtub.

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Cat Betrayed by Boyfriend (English Subtitles)

In the video there is a female cat putting her cheating boyfriend in his place!!

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Nom Nom Kitty

The internet was built for kittens, porn and Feast of Fun.

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Choir Boys Perform “Le duo des chats” – The Duet of the Cats

Who says choir boys can’t be silly?  These two choir boys perform “Le Duo Des Chats” perfectly, and without breaking their serious character — almost.

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