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FOF #2183 – Cazwell Has it Going On

Surprisingly for a rapper, Cazwell doesn’t brag whole lot but his sexy, playful videos have gotten him “mad props yo” as a serious name in music.

Today we’re hanging out with Cazwell in the home studio, talking about his latest and most intense video, Downtown, that was shot in his apartment that he converted with some fabric and lighting into a decadent pleasure palace.

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VIDEO: Cazwell’s “Rice and Beans”

Cazwell is on spot with his song “Rice and Beans” about Latin men- they are all mama’s boys.

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VIDEO: Cazwell’s “Get My Money Back”

I think Cazwell wants to know when he can get his money back. P.S. Love the monkey hats!

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VIDEO: I Could Sure Use Some Ice Cream!

I don’t know about you, but it’s getting kinda hot up in here…

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