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PHOTOS: Justin Beiber Topless

It only looks dirty, but it’s just a teen pop star posing for publicity photos, shirtless with a necktie. Creepy, boring or sexy? [source]

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Jack LaLanne is Now Making Juice in Heaven

So long Jack LaLanne. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne died of respiratory failure following a bout of pneumonia, he was 96. Although many people enjoyed watching his juicing informercials while snacking on french bread pepperoni pizzas […]

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VIDEO: La Coacha’s Best Moments of 2010

One of our favorite video bloggers and celebrity chasers, La Coacha put together a video clip of last year’s highlights where she parodied Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, chased after Katy Perry and danced with three women […]

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Katy Perry Wants to be the Next Jocelyn Wildenstein

I’m sure she’s just kidding, but Katy Perry just said she wants to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein while looking like Madonna. Or is it the other way around? From the Mirror: “Well Madonna’s 50 […]

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FOF #1307 – Mamie Van Doren is Still a Troublemaker

At one point in Hollywood, Mamie Van Doren, along with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, was considered one the most beautiful women on the silver screen.

Today, Mamie Van Doren is as alive and kicking as ever and has a new album “Still a Troublemaker.” Listen as she talks about her amazing life and dating many of Hollywood’s Golden age hunks, and even Henry Kissinger!

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FOF #1306 – Hollywood’s Underbelly

Joe Fitrzyk was an ad executive working in Detroit when he had an epiphany, quit his job and moved to L.A. to pursue his dream of becoming famous by chasing celebrities. Joe looked for a lot pretty people but found lots of ugly details.

Today writer and pop culture junkie Joe Fitrzyk shares with us his notes of what he hopes to become his tell all book on Hollywood’s underbelly.

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PHOTO: Snoop Dog in a Christmas Sweater

It’s never a bad time to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Here ol’ Snoop poses for a photo backstage with some crazy felt snowman sweater, which I think looks pretty good on him. Drop it […]

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VIDEO: Kellan Lutz Chased By Crazy Paparazzi

There’s no denying that actor Kellan Lutz is sizzling hot, and you would stare at him even if he wasn’t famous for his minor role in the Twilight Films, a huge injustice in my opinion. […]

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VIDEO: Oprah’s Lesbian Rumors!!!

Watch Oprah scream “lesbian rumors” in her trademark voice just as she’s about to get in what appears to be the same bed in the same camper with her gal pal Gayle King.

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