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VIDEO: British DJ Greg James Gets Naked for Charity

Young British DJ, Greg James, gets naked for the Red Nose Day charity in Britain. He’s cute through out but looks so self-conscious and uncomfortable he may as well be naked and sitting on something […]

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Cyndi Lauper “Gives a Damn” about LGBT Youth; will open shelter

40% of homeless youth self-identify as LGBTQ, but New York doesn’t have any LGBT-specific homeless shelters to protect this special population and meet their needs. That’s not “Good Enough” for Cyndi Lauper, who is planning to use her True Colors Fund to raise the cash to open an $11Million LGBTQ homeless shelter in Harlem

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Behind the Scenes on the New Dining Out for Life Campaign

Sexy and for a good cause, Marc Felion went behind the scenes on the photo shoot for the new Dining Out for Life campaign, featuring lots of hot models in all sorts of poses. Why? Because Chicago’s known as the city of big shoulders, so why not use some guys with big shoulders?

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