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FOF #2557 – The Rise of the Modern Drag Queen

Even though folks have been crossdressing for entertainment since the dawn of time, the rise of the modern drag queen can be traced back to a some relatively recent events and a few key artists.

Today, queer educator, doctor of drag Lady J Martinez O’Neal Davenport joins us to take a look at the rise of the modern drag queen, from Holly Woodlawn to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona to RuPaul who made her-story by being the first drag queen to get signed by a major record label.

VIDEO: Watch Charlie Chaplin in Drag in ‘A Woman’ (1915)

You’re probably familiar with all the times Bugs Bunny crossed dressed for laughs in all the Warner Brothers cartoons, but did you know that accidentally kissing a man while dressed up as a woman was […]

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