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FOF #2271A – Farewell to the King of the Freaks

Season 12 of Feast of fun is here! Although we are ready to celebrate our anniversary, we are also experiencing the tragic loss of David Bowie, the influential gender and genre defying artist whose amazing career lasted decades and helped open up the world to LGBT artists and nonconformists of all shapes and sizes. Part 1 of 2.

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FOF #2257 – Daveo Falaveo Makes the Season Hot

Tis the season to be fabulous with Daveo Falaveo, who many think got his start as adult model due to his risquee photos from his MySpace page when he was barely legal.

Today, we’re joined by viral video sensation Daveo Falaveo to talk about his wild videos. Listen as Daveo talks about why it’s hard for YouTube personalities on dating apps and are bullies secretely in love with their victims?

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FOF #2255 – Tiger Blood

This week, actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he’s been HIV positive for four years, making folks worry that like Caitlyn Jenner with trans issues, this arrogant celebrity will become the new face of HIV.

Joining us is the hilarious Jeffrey Jay to talk about Charlie Sheen’s breakdown, and the nerve wracking way health workers give you your HIV test results, as if you were a contestant on Who Want’s to Be a Millionaire

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FOF #1812 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy

The image of a strong older man has long been a sex symbol. But now more than ever it seems young men and women are looking to daddy types for dating and hooking up.

Today, on Father’s Day we’re taking a look at popularity of mature men, father figures we’d all like to have hold us in their big strong arms. Also, grooming your beard and getting in shape with the Henry Cavil Superman workout.

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FOF #1439 – Exotica and Yma Sumac

After World War II, American soldiers returned home from the Pacific with a taste for Exotica, the music, images, food and sex from other cultures they perceived as strange and sensual.

Join us as we celebrate the impact of Exotica music on our generation and generations past.

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VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Locks Lips With Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel immediately OD’s on lethal combo of Tiger Blood, Cocaine Residue and Goddess Juice.

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IMAGE: Charlie Sheen as a Gay Unicorn

Photoshop is a wonderful thing. — Source

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Awesome Twitter

How much coke did Charlie Sheen take?

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VIDEO: Charlie Sheen as Darth Vader

Star Wars redubbed using Charlie Sheen’s own words in place of Darth Vader’s lines.

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Who Said It: Charlie Sheen or Ron Burgundy?

See how well you do identifying who said what. (Let your mouse hover over the quote to see the answer.)

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