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FOF #1971 – The Glasshole is Half Full

Nick Starr always manages to piss people off by the way he uses technology. He was the first person to Twitter he was going to commit suicide. It got him a lot of attention, not all of it good. Now he’s become the face of a Glassholes, people who obnoxiously insist on wearing Google Glass at public spaces despite people’s objections.

Listen as Nick Starr talks with us about his experience with Google Glass, his very public battle with folks who think it’s a terrifying combo of man and machine and is Nick just another broken soul using technology to get attention?

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VIDEO: Damiana on the GLAAD Awards Red Carpet With Chaz Bono, Lady Bunny, Raven, Madison Hildebrand and More

At the 2012 GLAAD Awards,  lady reporter Damiana Garcia got to chat with the fabulous wowlebrities who walked the red carpet. Here she is with Chaz Bono (winner of the Stephen F. Kolzak award that […]

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FOF #1569 – Cher’s Giant Black Wig

With her fabulous music through the years, her Bob Mackie see-through gowns and her unconditional support of her trans son Chaz, you can’t help but adore Cher and her wacky, wacky ways.

What is up with that crazy, giant, black wig Cher?

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Warren Beatty Embraces Transgender Son Stephen

Apologies for the linked article quality (it’s the Daily Mail, after all), but this was a nice bit of holiday news. Actor and legendary player Warren Beatty is finally coming around to accept his son […]

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FOF #1484 – Let’s Go to the Candy Shop

Let’s go on a date!

Liberace once said “too much of a good thing is wonderful” but I think he was talking about rhinestones and not hot men by his poolside, or was he? For some guys it’s easy to find the sex they want but impossible to find romance. Listen to find out what you can do to get the most out of your love life.

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FOF #1448 – Wig Bully Titty Twisters

Our friends Hugo Rosado and Charles Hall have started a new gay theater group here in Chicago, Wig Bullies named after one of their more popular sketches where two bullies force a kid on the playground to compliment them on how fierce they look wearing their dad’s wig.

Wig Bullies? Awkward! Don’t they know there’s a lot of awarness about bullying right now?

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VIDEO: Chaz Talks About the Haters

Chaz joins the ladies of The Talk to discuss the DWTS haters.

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FOF #1444 – You Can’t Stop the Beat

Today is a glorious day, as the nation finally repeals Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and ends decades of oppression over gay, lesbian and bisexual people serving in the military.

Join us as we salute warriors everywhere, from the battlefields to the dance floors and examine how the repeal of DADT will profoundly impact everyone’s lives.

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VIDEO: Chaz Bono on Dancing With the Stars (Updated)

Chaz scored a 17 out of 30 available points. He didn’t do as bad as some contestants but will he get the votes to pull through? Our friend Marsian says that wiht all the controversy […]

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FOF #1432 – You Make Me Feel Like Dancin’

We’re back! And not a moment too soon, Cher is on a rampage lashing out at the haters of the world who are attacking her trans son Chaz for being on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

Plus, join us as we take you into one of the world’s smallest Pride Parades in Marc’s hometown of Erie Pennsylvania!

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