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Tea with the Senator

I’ve just posted the transcript of my interview with Chicago mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun over at at a post titled Chicago Mayoral Candidate and LGBT Ally, Carol Moseley Braun. I was excited to interview the former US Senator and Ambassador to New Zealand for many reasons–not the least of which was to sit on her couch and browse her incredible collect of photos from her long life in public service.
Miles Davis had signed a painting in her living room. Miles Davis. She hummed Miles Davis while she poured tea for everyone in the room. It was like a dream.

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Under our noses: Chicago LGBT folk should watch Meeks closely

Anti-choice and anti-gay mega-church pastor and State Senator Reverend Meeks wants to unite Chicago’s African American community behind his bid for mayor, but when he gets there, will he make this haven a living hell for LGBT citizens? His record says yes.

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FOF #1250 – Betty White for Mayor of Chicago

Chicago’s Mayor Richard M. Daley pulled a Steven Slater by shocking everyone when he announced that he won’t run for office again. So, who will be the next mayor? Can’t people just check in on Foursquare to become Mayor of Chicago?

Chances are, if you leave it to Facebook, Betty White will become the next queen of the Windy City.

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