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FOF #2269 – A Modern Christmas Carol

Just in time for Christmas- Martin Shkreli, the bro-CEO, who’s the most hated man on the Internet, has been arrested for engaging in what prosecutors say was a Ponzi-like scheme at hedge fund he ran and at a pharmaceutical company he once headed.

Today, on our next to the last show of the year, we’re talking about forgiveness, peace and joy. with the fabulously Vine superstar Meg Grunewald.

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FOF #2266 – My Fundamental Mom & An Ode to the Bone

Comedian Marla Depew grew up as a Evangelical Fundamentalist, but thankfully her family’s grown to embrace her bisexuality. Marla even bought her mom a vibrator, which got everybody buzzing.

Her gal pal Kelly Bolton, loses herself in the colorful world of sketch comedy with one of her more memorable characters, Andy Drogymous, a drag king who writes “Odes to the Bone” – poetry about our favorite things, johnsons.

Today we’re double dating with Marla and Kelly, talking about majestic boner poetry and fundamentalist sex kitten moms.

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