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FOF #1841 – Being Chloë Sevigny

Good evening America. It has come to our attention that Chloë Sevigny, not just the actress but the character created by comedian Drew Droege is fabulous! Drew’s Chloë videos exploded online, got him an OUT 100 award and gave him the chance to meet in person the celebrity behind his creation.

Today Drew Droege joins us to talk about the runaway success he’s had with his Chloë Sevigny, and what the eerie experience was like to finally meet the real Chloë.

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Ask Chloë Sevigny (Drew Droege) Anything!

Talking to Chloë Sevigny! Actually we’re chatting with the hilarious Drew Droege, best known for his unique take on the celebrity actress from his videos where he parodies celebrity fashion culture. Ask Drew (or Chloë […]

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Chloe ”Memorial Day”

“Lets take this time to remember our memories.” — Chloe Sevigny

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VIDEO: Celebrating Mardi Gras With Damiana Garcia and Tanya Roberts

It’s Mardi Gras today, and lady reporter Damiana Garcia and ex-“Charlie’s Angel” Tanya Roberts (played by the hilarious Drew Droege, aka the drag “Chloe Sevigny”) are here with tips on how to best enjoy this festive […]

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