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FOF #2513 – Pumping Iron & Silicone

One of the most memorable people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show is bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce, who, after transitioning, went from competing in men’s bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding.

Today, Chris Tina Bruce joins us int home studio to talk about bodybuilding, her appearance on the National Geographic TV show Taboo and the most overlooked/overrated muscle building trends.

FOF #1473 – Why Drag Queens Dress up in Drag

Today local Puerto Rican drag queen Lola LeCont joins us to talk about why people dress up in drag, and shares her insights to why despite having a good job that takes care of the bills she puts a lot of time, money and energy into being a fierce queen.

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FOF #1438 – Eye of the Tigress

There’s no hiding in the closet when you are a six foot, one inch, 230 pound trans bodybuilder, so why not just bust out and be all you can be!

Today we’re talking to trans body builder Chris Tina Bruce who just started a gym and now after almost 20 years she’s competing again in bodybuilding, but this time in the women’s category.

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Coconut Protein Pancakes

Bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce shares with us her recipe for protein rich pancakes. Listen to our latest interview with her here. Coconut Protein Pancakes This recipe makes 1 serving. Ingredients 1 Tbs Coconut Flour 2 […]

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VIDEO: Transgender Characteristics

Transgender is a unique characteristic of me as a person, although it does not define who I am. My name is Chris Tina Bruce a male to female transgender body builder from Dallas, Texas. My […]

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