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VIDEO: Christians Ruin Halloween by Giving Out Bibles

“Jesus-ween”, SERIOUSLY??!!  These jerks are so pissed that Halloween is the most creative holiday left….the only American non Jesus one that’s still associated with its original intent.   It’s really the only one that rebels […]

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Adshel Removes Gay-Friendly Ad, Then Reinstates It

So, Adshel is the company responsible for most ads one sees installed in bus shelters across Australia and New Zealand. One of their bus posters, a condom ad featuring two men embracing (a couple in […]

NOM Activist: Rainbow is Christian, Not Gay

The crazy hits just keep on coming from anti-gay group the National Organization for Marriage. Their latest blather claims that the rainbow is a sign of the Christian God’s covenant with man, that they had […]

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Creepy Roulette

Our friend Marsian loves the Gay Roulettes! Do you think he’ll email?

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Anti-Gay Leader Found Vactioning With Gay Prostitute

Yeah, I love a good Christian man on man sex scandal, especially when it involves a male prostitute and a huge bigot! “Notorious NARTH member and vigorous gay adoption opponent Dr. George Rekers was caught […]

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