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FOF #2741 – Deven Green’s Amazing Decade of Drag Queens, Betty Bowers, Video Parodies and the Ukulele

It’s been an amazing decade for comedian Deven Green, the YouTube sensation best known for her celebrity vanity video parodies and for portraying the satirical Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Today Deven Green joins us to take a look at her creative process as a teacher, performer and musician, her passion for playing the ukulele and working with some of the top drag queens in the world.

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FOF #2546 – Help! The Devil Wants Me Fat

Struggling artists sometimes ask themselves: what would my career be like if I was in killer shape?

Our guest today is comedian Cody Melcher who hosts the brilliant podcast Thome Foolery, a great show about bad books. Cody just taped a podcast looking at the Christian diet book “Help Me Lord, Devil Wants Me Fat” by the Reverend Doctor CS Lovett. Join us as we chat about this crazy book and the unrealistic expectations we have about our bodies.

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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate

Watch as the Dan Savage and Brian Brown sit down for their Dinner Table Debate about Christianity and LGBT folks.

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VIDEO: Pole Dancing for Jesus? See Darlin, You Are a Whore.

You heard me right: Pole Dancing for Christ! Ex-stripper, “Crystal Deans,” teaches her fellow church members how to work the pole in the name of her Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that […]

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