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FOF #1650 – Clint Eastwood Makes Angry Love to a Chair

It only took a couple of days before someone wrote an erotic story involving Clint Eastwood and a chair.

The hilarious Brian Sweeney joins us to look at the hard ramifications of Clint Eastwood’s strange performance art at the Republican National Convention.

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VIDEO: Watch Clint Eastwood’s Bizarre Surprise Speech at the Republican National Convention

Dirty Harry finally met his match: an empty chair. As a suprise speaker at the GOP convention, Clint Eastwood carried on an imaginary conversation with an invisible President Obama seated in a chair next to […]

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FOF #1649 – Cognitive Dissonance

More than usual, the Republican National Convention is a hot mess- they’ve picked a candidate no one’s excited about, their platform is from another century, and in his doddering speech, Clint Eastwood came off more like Dirty Diapers than Dirty Harry.

Joining us is the reliably hilarious James Fritz , who can stuff two bananas in his mouth when nobody’s looking, no homo.

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Clint Eastwood and the Chair Meme- UPDATED

Clint Eastwood and his chair inspired a meme. Updated-

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