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VIDEO: Domo Arigato Mr. Douchebag

Anderson Cooper and George Takei take on homophobe Clint McCance to the tune of “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

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VIDEO: George Takei Calls Out Clint McCance

Living legend George Takei says all there needs to be said about the bigoted former school board member, and includes a promo for the Trevor Project at the end.

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FOF #1280 – Project Runway Takes a Dive

Mondo Loses! People are outraged that Mondo Guerra, the fabulous HIV positive, Dia de Los Muertos inspired fashion designer got second place on the Season Finale of Project Runway.

Join us a we rate the runway and talk about some of the worst costumes we’ve ever worn worn for Halloween.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Accepts Clint McCance’s Resignation

Anderson Cooper accepts homophobe Clint McCane’s resignation after he posted anti-gay vitriol on Facebook.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Discusses Homophobe Clint McCance

Anderson Cooper reports on the hateful comments by School Board Official Clint McCance.

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VIDEO: Jujubee Calls Out Homophobe Clint McCance

Jujubee is not having any of Clint McCance’s hate. Kudos to you Jujubee!

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