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The Gay Halloween Costume

What’s the perfect costume for a closted gay guy for Halloween?

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Beard for Your Facebook Profile

Cloud Girlfriend promises to give you a virtual girlfriend on Facebook so you can stay in the closet as long as you like. So now your your fake girlfriend doesn’t even have to be from […]

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VIDEO: One Man’s Incredible Coming Out of the Closet Story

This guy really went through a lot just to come out of the closet.

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Sir Ian McKellen: Agents Keep Stars in Closet

While Gandalf may be overstating the case by claiming “There are no openly gay stars in Hollywood” (hello, Neil Patrick Harris? David Hyde Pierce? Harvey Fierstein?), the film industry is certainly not the bastion of […]

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Top 14 Anti-Gay Activists Caught Being Gay

The original list had ten but with so many closet cases getting caught recently, they had to add to the list. New additions include Rev Eddie Long and George Rekers. –See them all.

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Mainstream Media hates gays who don’t hate themselves.

Did you hear that Judge Walker is gay? Sure you did. If you watched any of the coverage of the decision that Judge Walker wrote in Perry V Schwarzenegger striking down Prop 8, you heard […]

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CNN Article: The last person out of the closet? The bisexual male

CNN article about the bisexual male.

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Why Kagan’s rumored sexuality won’t matter in the hearing

We don’t know if Kagan is a lesbian or not, but we do know that Republicans will likely not ask her during her confirmation, for fear of opening a can of worms.

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FOF #1164 – Ricky Martin and Cristal Connors Come Out

Latin pop star Ricky Martin announces that he’s gay, ending years of speculation but surprising no one. Will Ricky Martin shake his bon-bon at the next gay charity fundraiser?

We’re also delighted to talk to the man who creates the hilarious virtual Cristal Connors on Facebook, writer Jim Nash. Plus- An x-rated Easter basket and GLADD demands the film “Ticked of Trannies with Knives” be cut.

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