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FOF #2557 – The Rise of the Modern Drag Queen

Even though folks have been crossdressing for entertainment since the dawn of time, the rise of the modern drag queen can be traced back to a some relatively recent events and a few key artists.

Today, queer educator, doctor of drag Lady J Martinez O’Neal Davenport joins us to take a look at the rise of the modern drag queen, from Holly Woodlawn to David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona to RuPaul who made her-story by being the first drag queen to get signed by a major record label.

FOF #1875 – Confessions of a Counter Culture Diva

In the 1960s, Dolores Deluce was rejected by her family for giving birth to a biracial child, only to be embraced by a different kind of family including Divine, the Cockettes, assorted Venice Beach bad boys, and her many loving gay “husbands.”

Listen as Dolores talks about her friendships and run-ins with Divine, John Water’s colorful cast of characters and watching friends of hers like disco superstar Sylvester die from AIDS.

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VIDEO: Gay History Lives in the Thrillpeddler’s New Show “Vice Palace”

It’s video trailers like this that make me wish I lived in San Francisco. Check out this trailer for the Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious […]

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FOF #1379 – Hooked on a Feeling

Actor Joshua Devore is a jack of all trades, and by trade and jack, we really mean it. Better known as adult film star Tober Brandt, Joshua started out as a baptist minister, then turned into a muscle hunk who starred in Titan Media and Chi-Chi Larue’s films.

He’s now taking a new turn in the San Fransisco based Thrillpeddlers theater company’s new play – Vice Palace, a modern update of the Cockette’s notorious show “There’s Blood on Your Face” that starred Divine and Mink Stole.

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FOFA #85 – The Power of Glitter

Way ahead of his time, George Harris Jr., better known as Hibiscus, was in the forefront of the gay liberation movement and a pioneer in theater with the Cockettes.

Today we talk with director and documentary filmmaker David Weissman about his film about the legendary San Francisco Cockettes.

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