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VIDEO: Funny Butt Drugs Commercial

Probably the best local commercial ever!

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VIDEO: Be a Mind Sticker – a Really Odd Commercial / Song for Tab

There were too many commercials, but this was a really weird one for Tab. “When you can’t be with him, Be in his mind. Be a Mind Sticker with your shape. Keep your shape with […]

VIDEO: The Tab Dance… Old Commercial

There use to be this diet drink put out by Coke in the 70’s. It had weird commercials. Here is on of them, a chorus line doing the dance.

VIDEO: This Has Got Ryan Reynolds Stink All Over It.

I’m buying whatever you’re selling.

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VIDEO: Fosters, Australian for Queer.

This beer commercial has homophobic tendencies.

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VIDEO: BIZARRE Japanese Potato Chip Commercial

I’m not quite sure what just happened, but it involves a boy, a dog, and some chips.

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Ten Minutes of Weird

Ten minutes of weird clips from reality TV, children’s programming, commercials, Japanese TV, sploshing, anti-drug  warnings and so much more.

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“Evita” Commercial (Plus! “Indira” Riposte)

“That’s right, Evita—stamp your feet and clap your hands…. She simply seduced a country!” Starring Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin. Act II: SCTV’s spoof, “Indira,” starring Andrea Martin, now appearing on Broadway in “Young Frankenstein.”

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Ethel Merman for Vel

“Honey, hands come up soft / just like roses / try Vel and you’ll see!” And get a load of this!: Carol Channing and the cast of “Hogan’s Heros” for Jell-O, the light dessert with […]

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FOF #696 – Let Me Hear You Say YEAH!

Back in the 2004 during the Superbowl’s halftime show, pop musician Janet Jackson’s awkward publicity stunt or “wardrobe malfunction” fueled a U.S. government crack down on broadcasting media, enticing talk shows and audiences to seek […]

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