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FOF #2301 – Weekend At The Arnold Expo

Today we give you an inside look at the mothership of American bodybuilding and fitness, The Arnold Sports and Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio.

Listen as we take a look at the strong ideas and dumbbell notions from the expo floor, the hot fashion trends in men and women’s bodybuilding and what do drag queens and bodybuilder share in common, besides their love for Instagram.

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Conan The Barbarian – THE MUSICAL


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FOF #1125 – Cameron the Barbarian

Prepare to die! From laughter that is, as we recreate one of the campiest scenes from the movie, Conan the Barbarian. Comedian Cameron Esposito joins us to talk about being roasted by her comedian friends and the fight for marriage equality.

Plus: Conan O’Brien vs Jay Leno, the floor in Weight Watchers Clinic collapses, a 33 year old pet snowballkept in a freezer, liquid diamond lakes and the first legal male prostitute in Nevada.

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