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If I can’t try it on, how will I know if it fits?

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FOF #1400 – Stick It in Me

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has been sticking it in people to cure what ails them but it’s only been recently that acupuncture has started to catch on in the rest of the world.

Today we’re talking to our friend Michael Oliphant a comedy writer who took his life on a different course five years ago when he started to study acupuncture. He’s given up the late nights telling jokes in smoky bars for an office where he pokes willing patients to help them heal.

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Improved Condoms To Debut on European Market

A new and improved condom has been approved in the European market. Futura Medical, which makes the new condom says the new prophylactic has a small amount of gel in its tip that dilates the […]

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Adshel Removes Gay-Friendly Ad, Then Reinstates It

So, Adshel is the company responsible for most ads one sees installed in bus shelters across Australia and New Zealand. One of their bus posters, a condom ad featuring two men embracing (a couple in […]

Valentine’s Day Is National Condom Day!

Confusing sex with love is one of man’s oldest follies so why not have Valentine’s Day also be National Condom Day?

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VIDEO: Christmas Glitter Condoms – Sung to a Dirty X-Mas Jingle

Little Taiko Boy combines Western holiday traditions, Shinto mythology and Japanese gay culture to advocate a very different way of wrapping gifts for a loved one.

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FOF #1253 – Rubber Lover

Your new boyfriend may give you a whole lot more than just a box of chocolates. Most people know that using condoms for casual sex is important, but new studies show that an alarming number of HIV infections happen when guys fall in love.

So when is it okay to stop using condoms with your boyfriend and still be safe? How soon is too soon?

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ASK JIM PICKETT ANYTHING: Is It Okay to Stop Using Condoms With my Boyfriend?

Let’s talk about sex! Writer and health advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show talking about condom use between gay male couples. How do you decide if and when to not use condoms? There has […]

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Papal Condoms? Still Better Than the Rhythm Method

In an effort to showcase the hypocrisy of the Roman Catholic Church and their position on contraceptives, a Dutch sex shop will be giving away condoms this weekend imprented with the likeness of Pope Benedict […]

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Vegan Condoms

The article says “All condoms on the market are made with latex; however, most also include casein, a dairy byproduct” – but there are condoms out there that are made from polyurethane for those that […]

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