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FOF #2036 – The Artist Formerly Known as Gay

People love a good secret, and there’s no doubt that a lot of men in entertainment revitalized their careers by coming out of the closet, even though everyone already knew.

Maybe it’s just a sign of the times that hunky musician Josey Greenwell is doing just that. After trying to make it as an out gay singer songwriter, Josey deleted his music, website and social media pages several months ago, only to resurface as Nate Green, a seemingly straight country music singer.

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Wardrobe of Horror

A 55 year old man,Mitsuo Sonoda’s 55-year-old, who shared the apartment with his father, thought it might a good idea to put his father’s corpse in the wardrobe for five years to recieve his father’s […]

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The Museum of the Dead

In Palermo Italy if you’re not careful you may end up taking some stairs in Capuchin Square that will lead you directly to the Museum of the Dead. Has anyone been to Palermo to visit? […]

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