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PHOTO: Behold Gandalf the Fabulous

This Lord of the Rings costume tastes like strawberry.

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FOFA #1461 – Insane Costumes I’ve Seen People Wear

Today the fabulous Christian Greenia, the world’s best known Elvira impersonator, joins us to talk about Halloween costumes, what’s hot this year, what’s out and what are some common costume mistakes you should avoid.

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PHOTOS: Men Dressed up as Wonder Woman

There’s something sexy, strange and hilarious when guys dress up as the ultimate feminist superhero, Wonder Woman. Check out our photo gallery of costumes including the fabulous Chris March from Project Runway.

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FOF #1673 – Halloween Royalty

Elvira’s #1 drag queen impersonator, Christian Greenia joins us to talk about this year’s hottest Halloween costumes, being Elvira’s #1 right hand queen and he shares with us the painful story of his father’s mysterious death.

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Heidi Klum’s muscular Halloween costume

Hope this is just a costume, and didn’t just peel her own skin off. Congratulations Heidi, you’re the winner of Project Run Away.

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PHOTO: Happy Halloween!

This is what Marc and I wore tonight.

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PHOTO: Halloween! Haaaalloweeeen!

Best animal costume yet.

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PHOTO: Internet Declares This Guy as Having This Year’s Best Halloween Costume

I think a lot of men (and women) would love to have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as parents.

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PHOTO: Tracy Tyler is going to kill you

Imagine coming home late at night and your wife serves you a steel blade instead of a strong martini.

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