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Bizarre blue man Grindr profile

Someone should tell him not to hold his breath when taking his photo.

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Teabaggers Upset Marvel Comics Turned Them Into ’Supervillains’

It seems there’s a new third rail in American politics — don’t mess with the Tea Partiers — and Marvel Comics has inadvertently grabbed it with both hands. And even though members of the Tea […]

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Oh No She Didn’t! Brazilian Drag Queen Gets Her Wig Snatched Off on Camera

Here’s some news footage of Miss Gay Brazil 2009 being interviewed after the pageant. Right in the middle of the interview some angry contestant ran right up to her and snatched her wig and crown […]

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Leningrad Cowboys: Sweet Home Alabama

Holy mother of the Kremlin! These cowboys are rasslin’ up some good times with bigger hairdos than Amy Winehouse. The Leningrad Cowboys is a Finnish rock and roll band formed in the 80s when the […]

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