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FOF #2254 – Lady Red Couture is the World’s Biggest Drag Queen

Lady Red Couture may well be as she calls herself “the world’s largest drag queen in captivity.” As Jonny McGovern’s sidekick on Hey Qween, Lady Red throws legendary shade while sitting on her own couch and munching snacks.

Today we kiki with Lady Red Couture about crowdfunding her new album, her friendship with Jonny McGovern and the challenges she’s overcome to become her glorious self.

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FOF #2181 – Pup Play Party

Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy! One of our favorite fetishes is human pup play, where good folks get on all fours for a little canine themed fun to take a break from the stress of the human world by personifying a different being.

Today, Illinois Leather Puppy 2015 Pup Rococo joins us to talk about the wild, wonderful world of pup play, Pavlovian response and what your dog breed says about you.

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