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FOF #1321 – Civil Unions Come to Illinois

Hooray for Illinois as Governor Pat Quinn signs civil unions into law! Illinois is now one of a dozen states with significant legal protections for same-sex couples.

And yet, some are saying that it’s simply more Jim Crow laws, creating a second class status for people locked out of Federal marriage rights. Listen as we talk about Carol Mosley Braun knows who’s on crack and SNL’s controversial trans skits.

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VIDEO: Cyndi Lauper Helps Gay Teen Sing

Cyndi Lauper comes to the aid of a young gay man who wants to learn how to sing on MTV”s “Made.” The young guy by speaks about his experience saying, “I wanted to touch her […]

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VIDEO: Cyndi Lauper Talks Lady Gaga with Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams talks with a Cyndi Lauper about her relationship with Lady Gaga but poor Cyndi keeps trying to play down any relationship they may have and Wendy keeps trying to make it bigger than […]

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Shoe Whore Imelda Marcus Inspires Musical Genius: ”Here Lies Love”

Imelda Marcos is many things; wife of a dictator, a power hungry legend, celebrity collector and ravenous shoe craving fashionista, but musical muse?  Yes. David Byrne, the frontman of the legendary Talking heads and Fatboy […]

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Cyndi Lauper “Gives a Damn” about LGBT Youth; will open shelter

40% of homeless youth self-identify as LGBTQ, but New York doesn’t have any LGBT-specific homeless shelters to protect this special population and meet their needs. That’s not “Good Enough” for Cyndi Lauper, who is planning to use her True Colors Fund to raise the cash to open an $11Million LGBTQ homeless shelter in Harlem

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WATCH: Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Interview on The Today Show

Check out Lady Gaga trying to be happy on TV while Cyndi Lauper looks miserable. Am I missing something?

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FOF #1144 – Can’t Lose with Bill Cruz

Bill Cruz may have been overlooked for a who’s who list of Chicago comedians, but he impressed the big wigs of comedy so much that next week he’s recording his debut comedy album “Bill Cruz: Athletic Supporter.”

Join us as we chat with Bill about surviving the underwhelming aftermath of the earthquake in Chicago and the unsettling new Facebook’s redesign. Plus: Aretha Franklin eats candy, condoms for Owls and Celine Dion steals Cyndi Lauper’s spot in We are the World 25 for Haiti.

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Behind the Scenes of Out 100’s Photo shoot with Adam Lambert

Out just posted some video clips showing a behind the scenes look of their 2009 Out 100 cover shoot. They all seem to be having a good time, not worrying about making Adam Lambert look […]

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