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FOF #2219 – Me Talk Pretty Every Day

You’ve heard the expression butch on the streets, femme in the sheets, but some guys are butch on the streets, femme in their speech, so much so that they get mistaken for a women while talking on the phone.

Our guest today is Chicago drag queen Alexis Bevels, who presents as guy most of the time, but sounds like a woman almost all of the time, even when he’s trying to butch it up!.

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FOF #2164 – Drag Extravaganzas for Everyone

Okay, I know it seems like every other week there’s a new drag festival drag festival or convention and while we didn’t get to attend DragCon, we have been following the tea online and getting updates from friends and fans.

Today we give you all the dirt on Drag Con, which drag queens charged for autographs and which ones chose to give it away for free, baby drag queens and RuPaul’s rambling but inspiring keynote speech.

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FOF #1972 – Sympathy for the Devil

Hollywood banks on people’s prejudices in order to make the bad guys seem even more threatening. In reality, gay men are just like everyone else, we have our heroes and our villains too. Sadly, we spend too much time hating and not celebrating our own, even when they are not guilty of the crime.

Today Peaches Christ joins us as Judge Judy and executioner to take a look at the vilification of gay men. Are these bad guys deserving of the hate they get?

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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate

Watch as the Dan Savage and Brian Brown sit down for their Dinner Table Debate about Christianity and LGBT folks.

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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. GOProud Taiwanese Animation

Next Media Animation gives the Taiwanese animation treatment to Dan Savage and his criticism of GOProud for endorsing Mitt Romney as president. Savage called GOProud “house f*gotts,” a reference to term “house negros” The video, […]

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FOF #1511 – Mind Control

Today we’re taking a look at mind control- how ad agencies, churches, and political campaigns are all trying to control your mind.

Your brain is more like an insecure teenage girl who is worried to death what her friends think of her. What they if they don’t like me?

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FOF #1482 – Sparkle On Precious Jewel

Today we’re talking to a fabulous drag queen and trans girl Precious Jewel, who took on the responsibility to help her neighborhood become a better place by helping out our young people.

FOF #1481 – Glitter Showers

Glitter bombed again! Today we’re talking to Queer Trans Multiracial Sex-Positive Activist Writer and Pornographer and compound descriptive terms aficionado Tobi Hill-Meyer about why people have a bone to pick with Dan Savage.

Why does Dan stubbornly dismiss requests to create a better discussion on the bigotry of trans people?

FOF #1474 – Glitterbomb at the Disco

One of our most highly anticipated shows of the year is our trends and predictions show we tape with Marsian DeLellis, an LA based puppet artist who says he’s “a crazy hall of mirrors on which society can see itself.”

Today Marsian joins us to see which predictions came true, plus glitter-bombs are all the rage!

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VIDEO: Dan Savage’s Ultimatum to Rick Santorum

Savage to Santorum: “Change your homophobic ways or I”ll Google Bomb your first name too.”

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