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Bought Myself a Fancy Present, Darlins

Hi there, darlins. Had to share somethin’ that just happened to me. Over Christmas (which, by the way, NO ONE thanked me for my thoughtful gifts!) I decided to buy myself a new slav… um… […]

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My First Blog Entry – Merry Christmas, Darlin’

Hey there, darlins. I was sittin’ here at my diamond studded iMac (they only made ONE for me!) lookin’ at pictures of myself. Lookin’ at pictures of me makes me think of all the people […]

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Watch Out Lady Gaga, Miss HRP-4C, a Japanese Robot Humanoid Might Steal You the Show

Miss HRP-4C was introduced last year. Though she has made progress she still a little to stiff for my taste.

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Chita Sings, Dances and Wears Crazy Costumes

Chita Rivers sings, dances and wears some pretty crazy costumes. She is an amazing talent and I wonder how she ended up in some of these acts. Here she is on the Carol Burnett show […]

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