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James Franco on Being ”The Honey Badger”

Franco and Letterman debate who was the worst Oscar host. Honey Badger’s got this.

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VIDEO: Cher Talks With David Letterman About Burlesque and Chaz

Cher talks with David Letterman about her upcoming film, Burlesque and how she has dealt with her son Chaz’s gender transition.

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VIDEO: Tina Fey on Sarah Palin “I Quit”

Always funny and charming, Tina Fey stopped by Late Night with David Letterman to talk about the election, comedy writing and of course, Sarah Palin came up. Tina pointed out how strange it is for […]

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Watch Katy Perry’s Live Web Concert From NYC

While my heart will always be with Mother Monster, Katy Perry still knows how to create a catchy tune. From her first homo-centric hit songs like “You’re So Gay” and “I Kissed a Girl,” to […]

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David Letterman’s “Crying Game” Moment [WATCH]

Don’t mess with the trans folks David. Earlier this week David Letterman pulled off a cheap gag when he announced Obama’s newest appointee, trans Amanda Simpson. One of the guys on the show screamed “She […]

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FOF #1068 – Blame it on the Bossa Nova

Chicagoans were stunned when the International Olympic Committee announced that Rio would host the 2016 Olympic games. And Kathy Griffin’s in Chicago- will she stand by her gays and ride naked on horseback like Lady Godiva at the rally?

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