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FOF #1864 – Strange, Horrifying and Adorable Diseases

We have this idea that modern medicine can fight any kind of illness no matter how strange, but in reality there are many diseases that are so rare and bizarre doctors don’t know what to do. Today we’re taking a look at the strange, terrifying and adorable diseases that plague humanity. Joining us is Brian Sweeney, who seems like he’s always sick with something.

Listen as we talk about Blue Skin Disorder, Saturday Night Fever, Bitch Tits, Vampire disease and the adorably furry Werewolf disorders.

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The mainstream media, yet again, treats wild anti-science as valid “opinion.”

This post is initially about Ken Buck, the GOP’s Senate Candidate in Colorado who has made a clear choice to become a Professional “Dumbass;” however, this post is really about the laziness and stupidity in […]

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