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FOF #2392 – Balloon Animal Circus

It’s hard to make a living in the creative arts- you always find yourself twisting like a balloon animal any skill you got just to survive.

Joining us is Jaquée-of-all-trades, Amanda Cohen, who professionally is a comic, but who also does face painting, balloon animal making and PowerPoint presentation creation.

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FOF #2169 – Lucky Charms

Times are changing- more than 1.2 million people in Ireland voted for Marriage Equality, in what was once a very staunch Catholic country. The Vatican called the unprecedented vote a “defeat for humanity. Meanwhile, Irish American Vice President Joe Biden, said the U.S. and the world “needs to follow Ireland’s lead.”

Joining us today is Vine comedy superstar Meg Grunewald, who impressive range of characters have made her one of the top video bloggers on the micro-video sharing app.

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FOF #2163 – Vivacious Zhooshes It Up

Mother has arrived- again! We simply adore Vivacious, the fierce New York City drag queen whose entrance wearing a second head made of a foam wig stand left an indelible mark on the viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today Vivacious zhooshes her pussy, steps it up, turns it out and works it out, serving up all tea, all tea. Listen as she weighs in on the season 7 girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race,

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FOF #2056 – Swipe to the Right

By now you might have noticed that swiping to the left on your phone is a common way to dismiss something, like deleting spam mail or rejecting people on hook up apps like Tinder.

This game of hot or not when it comes to online dating does have its own repercussions, and some go as far as to say that its racist.

Today we’re joined by writer Zach Stafford who says swiping left on your Tinder reveals a lot about people’s subconscious racism in the dating world and beyond.

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FOF #1963 – Out and In and Out Again

It’s not easy coming out of the closet at any age. Writer Nikki Levy feared that she wasn’t ever going to have any children, so when she turned 30, Nikki overnight went from being a nice Jewish gay woman to being a nice heterosexual Jewish woman by simply switching the gender interest on her online profiles.

Listen as Nikki shares with us her hilarious coming out story, out, in and then out again, and takes us for an inside look at working as a movie producer in Hollywood.

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FOF #1687 – Say Hello to the New Disney Princess

A Halloween miracle has happened- George Lucas came to his senses and sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney for a cool $4.5 billion. That’s a lot of lightsabers.

Today Professor honey bear Zach Lamm joins us to take a look at what this means for Star Wars fans now that Disney owns the franchise. Plus, does this slave girl suit make me look fat?

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VIDEO: Art Attack – How to Draw a Wiener

In this episode, Neil teaches you how to draw, cut and paint a wiener.

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Tennessee Loveless’ Deconstructed Mickey Mouse

Interesting snapshot of visual artist Tennessee Loveless deconstructing Mickey Mouse. Listen to our interview with Tennessee Loveless where he talks about why so many people love Mickey Mouse around the world and being a color-blind […]

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FOF #1594 – Tennessee Loveless’ Strange World of Color

Tennessee Loveless, a rising star in the modern pop art world talks about how he makes his paintings without being able to fully see his color choices since he was born colorblind.

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The Art of Tennessee Loveless

We had a blast talking to visual artist Tennessee Loveless about his work as a colorblind artist. This entry is a companion piece to our interview with the amazing artists so you can get an […]

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