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VIDEO: Confessions of a Former Disney Employee

This guy tells you about working for Disneyland and makes a plea to get back into the park with your help. I love when he steals 8:30pm.

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Disney Princes as We’ve Never Seen Them Before!

Artist David Kawena takes some sexy creative license with our favorite Disney love interests (and one villain)! Check out what Aladdin’s packing! Link

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Toyz Noize, the remix

Just in time for the release of Toy Story 3, music mix-master Pogo (aka Faggotron on YouTube) has created a mix from the original Toy Story movie. Pogo samples from movies, a phrase, a word, […]

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FOF #830 – An All You Can Eat Buffet of Hope

Bam! Obama for President. The Illinois Senator wowed everyone, even Republicans last night as he graciously accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the U.S. to the A. Okay? Okay. He managed to work […]

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FOF #402 – Freaky Bird Room

We all want to go back to Disneyland! Honestly, we had so much fun in California, first at our live show at Micky’s in West Hollywood, then spending the whole day at Disneyland, and then […]

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