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PHOTO: Barbara Streisand Working Out on Her Yacht

If you have to work it out, why not bust a move on a yacht in the Caribbean? Here’s a photo of Babs soaking up the view while sweating it out. If you think this […]

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PHOTO: Cher Goes Red for Burlesque Premiere

“Stanley Tucci! What are doing in this crazy movie?” I hope Cher isn’t having second thoughts about her role in the new Burlesque film which despite our rave reviews, few people are going to go […]

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PHOTO: Drag Queens Going to See Burlesuqe

You gotta love Chicago drag queens Chicago’s Cher and Velicity Metropolis, who recently got dressed up as Cher and Christina Aguilera to go see a midnight screening of Burlesque, the tacky new film that gay […]

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IMAGE: Lady Gaga is Paul from the Wonder Years

A Facebook group Lady Gaga is really Paul from The Wonder Years has popped up, revealing that the Costumed One really is Paul from The Wonder Years.

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PHOTO: Patti Labelle with Marc Felion, Fausto Fernós, Samwell and Friend

Here’s the photo! In case you have no idea who these fabulous folks are, that’s “Lady Marmalade” Patti Labelle and Samwell “What What in the Butt.” Magic happens, believe it.

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PHOTO: Christina Aguilera Cake Sitting

Christina Aguilera for some reason sat on a cake in a wedding gown in a possible photoshoot for OUT magazine. Is this some sort of thinly veiled message about marriage equality?

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VIDEO: Amazing Teenage Boy’s Cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi

One wonderful thing about YouTube (and the internet for that matter) is that it can quickly draw attention to amazing people who might never otherwise be discovered, or even known for their talent. Truly remarkable. […]

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VIDEO: Amazing Violin Mashup of Lady Gaga’s Telephone

Wow, wow and wow. YouTube music video blogger Paul Dateh put together this instrumental version of Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone” and it’s pretty amazing. Not only does he manage to sync up all the parts flawlessly, he also plays the violin like a virtuoso, coming up with a very catchy version of the song.

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Shoe Whore Imelda Marcus Inspires Musical Genius: ”Here Lies Love”

Imelda Marcos is many things; wife of a dictator, a power hungry legend, celebrity collector and ravenous shoe craving fashionista, but musical muse?  Yes. David Byrne, the frontman of the legendary Talking heads and Fatboy […]

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Don’t Mess with Patti LuPone

During the closing week of “Gypsy” on Broadway, Patti LuPone was heading into the climax of her song “Rose’s Turn” when the Broadway diva realized “you either have it… or you’ve had it.” And boy […]

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