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FOF #2507 – Underwear that’s Fun to Wear

In the early 80s, designer Calvin Klein used gorgeously muscular men to promote his underwear brand which turned an everyday undergarment into a sexualized fashion accessory that not only changed the way people think about underwear, but also how men look at their own bodies.

Joining us is comedian Carma Nibarger to talk about underpants and how women have managed over the centuries to corral their boobies – from corsets, to bullet bras, to letting it all hang out.

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VIDEO: Christopher and His Kind (NSFW)

If you ever wanted to see Doctor Who have gay sex, you can always pretend that Matt Smith just jumped out of the Tardis in this very sexy and hot movie about an Englishman in 1930s Berlin.

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RIP: Actress Elisabeth Sladen Who Played Sarah Jane on Doctor Who Dies at 63

Doctor Who star Elisabeth Sladen, who portrayed Sarah Jane for over four decades, died aged 63.

She was a fan favorite and probably the most loved companion of the Doctor. I remember being a little kid and watching Doctor Who in the 70s and Sarah was remarkable because she was from the future- the 1980s!

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VIDEO: Awful Doctor Who “Born This Way” Parody

Someone get this guy a Tardis and take him away.

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Video: Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing with the new trailer for Doctor Who: Series 6! And I just have to say, those doll faced lifeforms […]

Doctor Who Gets Married

It looks like The Doctor will have a wife on the new season. The story in question has been written by Gaiman (Neverwhere) and will be called The Doctor’s Wife. Suranne Jones (Coronation Street) will […]

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VIDEO: Karen Gillan Mocks Katy Perry’s Fauxbian Hit

I didn’t really care much for the Doctor’s new Companion, but this wins her points in my book.

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VIDEO: Doctor Who Muppet Mash Up

Kermit and Fozie the Bear sing “Moving Right Along” to a montage from Doctor Who. Do you recognize all the Doctors and their companions?

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VIDEO: Craig Ferguson – the Lost Dr. Who Opening

Hey…its got a guy in drag and a guy in silver shorts and a suspender… plus I think Craig is sexy himself… Plus it has Dr. Who.

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VIDEO: How to Build a Dalek

Did you get all that?

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