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FOF #1950 – CrossFits of Rage

Transgender athelete Chloie Jönsson is suing CrossFit for 2.5 million dollars after being told she has to compete with men even though she’s transitioned to being female.

If there is already a precedent for people with hormone replacement therapy to compete in sports, why should this be any different?

Joining us today is sour-puss comedian Brian Sweeney to take a look at gender identity in competitive sports, and how some organizations have proposed solving this dilemma.

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VIDEO: Breast Feeding Doll Leaves a Bad Taste in My Mouth

This doll was created just to give the women on “The View” something to bitch about. WXYZ reports: “The Breast Milk Baby doll is teaching kids to imitate the act of breast feeding and causing […]

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VIDEO: Trailer for Documentary “Marwencol”

This a trailer for an award winning documentary about and artist that began creating intense imagery using dolls after he was brutally attacked.

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Morbid Plushy Dolls

German textile artist Patricia Waller has a taste for the macabre putting some of our most favorite furries in some deadly positions. Check out more of her work

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Fat Suit Barbie

Shocking and hilarious, someone made a “fat suit” you can slip on top of your Barbie doll and pretend she’s morbidly obese. Sadly, it’s not for sale anywhere. — From Peggy Wang on Buzzfeed

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PHOTOS: Episcopal Priest Barbie

Because every queen has her closet full of fabulous frocks! Someone’s ordained Barbie into the Episcopal Church, and she looks fabulous in all her holy vestments. — Facebook photo gallery of Friends of Episcopal Priest […]

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