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FOF #2902 – The Grinch Who Stole Halloween

Even though trick or treating and Halloween parties are out this year because of the COVID pandemic, candy sales are way up, which makes you think- what are people doing for Halloween this year other than panic stuffing their faces with candy?

Maybe dressing up at home as our favorite Golden Girl just for likes on social media?

Today Matt Brown joins us to take a look at the true meaning of Halloween: pigging out on candy and acting like a frea

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FOF #1540 – Everyone Just Wants to Have Fun

Everybody says they like to have fun, yet it’s not always easy to find exciting ways to enjoy ourselves without getting wasted and peeing in your neighbor’s bushes.

Today our unofficial intern Ryan Burdick joins us to talk about how to find meaningful experiences to indulge the spirit and refresh the soul.

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VIDEO: Tim Tebow reads Green Eggs and Ham, Still Sounds Gay (and We Like That)

The deliciously sexy, gay-sounding, evangelical, football-playing stud Tim Tebow has a new video out, reading Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham. As part of Book It! and Pizza Hut, Tim is tackling a literacy program […]

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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Reads ”The Cat in the Hat” (Barely)

Fuck you Daddy! I want “my teenager” to read me a bedtime story!!

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