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VIDEO: Cooking with Drag Queens: How to Make Tostones

Here’s a fun recipe on how to make tostones- fried green plantains. Now, you don’t have to be in drag to make them, but it sure is fun to look good while you whip up this treat.

The best part of video is when Lola and Saltina go crazy crushing the plantains. Now, Congress just passed a ban on “crush videos” but we’re ok as the only that gets hurt in this video is your sensibilities.

FOF #1241 – Sherry Vine is Taking Over YouTube

Listen up my little monster babies! We couldn’t bring you Lady Gaga, but we’ve got the next best thing- Sherry Vine. She’s hot, very funny and very, very sexy. Sherry Vine is what YouTube is all about!

Join us as Sherry discusses the challenges of making parody videos on YouTube and why gay people are held to higher standards for online content.

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FOF #1225 – Bye Bye Miss American Pie

Bon Voyage Bertha! Our friend Michael Bowen best known as Drag Queen and Pie expert Bertha Mason, is moving to the Big Apple to bake tasty pies with hot toppings!

Joins us as Bertha tells us how to make the perfect pie and what he’s going to do about her long term sexual relationship pretending to be a coach and why so many women loving women love vegan desserts.

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I’m the Real Lady Vera Parker

I’m the REAL Lady Vera Parker!

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VIDEO: Teri Yaki in Tears

Poor Teri Yaki is all a mess because she just found out she didn’t get chosen for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Their loss. As a result, Teri Yaki is finally going to start dedicating herself to video blogging. Watch as Teri weeps from her dressing room in the basement of her home.

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VIDEO: Who is the Real Lady Vera Parker?

So who is the real Lady Vera Parker?

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VIDEO: Backstage with Pandora Boxx

After her spectacular show at Berlin Nightclub here in Chicago, Fausto went backstage with Pandora Boxx to talk about her success and being voted “Miss Congeniality” in RuPaul’s Drag Race. Listen to the entire interview.

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FOFA #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Drag queen Lady Vera Parker moved to Chicago with the hopes of making it big as an entertainer. Last week, her dreams were dashed when she was pulled over in U-Haul truck she allegedly stole in Kentucky. When the police pulled up her record they found a laundry list of check fraud and deception warrants.

What happened? On today’s show we’re talking to Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki about the scandal.

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VIDEO: Doing Laundry – Full Load (DIRTY VERSION) NSFW

Swim suit season is fast approaching. Join in on the new sensation! Work on those washboard abs while you do a full load!

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