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FOF #2905 – You’re Fired!

Spoiler alert! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 US presidential election. The country is safe from evil again, and you were so worried, weren’t you? You lost so much sleep, didn’t you? You drank so much booze, didn’t you?

He did win didn’t he? Well, sort of. Republicans are declaring war on democracy by asking to stop the count in areas where they’re winning and re-count all the votes in areas where they’re losing.

Right now we’re waiting for Georgia, Pennsylvania or Nevada to announce the results so we can finally say Trump, you’re fired.

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IMAGE: A Prescription for Liquor

That’s okay, hic, officer, I have, hic, a prescription from my doctor. Like Medical Marijuana, back when alcohol was prohibited in the U.S. doctors would issue prescriptions for whiskey and other spirits. The Walgreens drug […]

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Mexican Drug Smugglers Get Medieval on US Border

The war on drugs has gone medieval as smugglers are now employing catapults to fling drugs across the border. Over or under, the drugs are always going to get in I would just hate to […]

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Free Mary Ann

I think the Drug War has gone too far when our very own Dawn Wells, the actress who played Mary Ann on the popular 1960’s TV sitcom Gilligans Island, was arrested and sent to prison […]

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