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FOF #1713 – Busting Through the Pink Glass Ceiling

Even though he’s a gay guy, comedian Thai Rivera likes to work in tough clubs in rural areas rather than in gay friendly places in the city. He’s not alone, many gay comics feel the same way, that gay audiences tend to be the toughest crowds to please.

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FOF #1666 – They’re All Going to Laugh at You

The bullies at Ogemaw Heights High School in the small town of West Branch, Michigan pulled a prank by making poor shy Whitney Kropp their homecoming queen as a joke. Did they not see the movie Carrie? It won’t end well for them.

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FOF #1613 – Secrets to Making a Great Podcast

We’re rewinding to take a look back on our experience as podcast pioneers and share with you some of the amazing powerful life changing moments we’ve had on the show, and all the drama with guests behind the scenes.

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IMAGE: Santa Sure Loves his Poppers

Ah that warm feeling you get during the holidays. Santa on poppers? Be careful Santy, don’t mix them with viagra! You’ll suffer from a stroke and die.

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FOF #1463 – Blond Ambition

Today we’re talking to one of the hottest guys in Chicago, fitness instructor and entertainer bon vivant –Brian Heckler. If you live in Chicago, you’ve probably seen Brian dressed up like a sexy demented clown in street fairs or participated in his popular spin classes where he goes in and out of character and practices his stand up act while his class gets in shape.

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Britain’s Channel 4 to Broadcast Live Ecstasy Use

A new four-part series on UK TV will include volunteers taking tabs of ecstasy “in a supervised clinical environment” and having the effects filmed. One of the show’s creators claims it will spur dialogue on […]

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VIDEO: Jessie’s Song

An 18th century telling of Saved By The Bell, the episode where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills!

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Rise of the Planet of the Apes Trailer!

James Franco stars in this prequel to “Planet of the Apes,” the story of a chimp named Caesar that, “as the result of genetic engineering, possesses intelligence far superior to any of his kind. Soon, […]

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VIDEO: Awful Portrait of Justin Bieber Found in Drug Lord’s Home

A terribly bad portrait of Justin Bieber was found in the home of a drug lord in Brazil. The newscaster in this video totally reads the drug kingpin for his bad taste too- it’s wonderful.

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Iconic 1970s Rush Poppers Company Goes Out of Business

It’s the end of an era. Pac West Distributing (PWD), the company that makes Rush poppers has gone out of business. Nobody knows why, but according to the This is FYF blog, the company’s website […]

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