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FOF #2504 - Tracy Tyler Shines On - 07.11.17

FOF #2504 – Tracy Tyler Shines On

One of our favorite people we’ve ever met doing this podcast is trans musician Tracy Tyler, whose fun loving personality and big voice has entertained us for years.

Listen as we chat with Tracy about how her music has evolved over the years, why she’s so inspired by Air Supply and what are her thoughts about the new trans celebrities in entertainment.

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FOF #1989 - Madison Hinton is Always On - 05.19.14

FOF #1989 – Madison Hinton is Always On

Is this on? Is it ON!? You better believe Madison Hinton is on!

Joining us today is the SHE-larious Madison Hinton from Atlanta, Georgia, best known for her Vine videos as the “big dicked bitch.” The popularity of these videos have catapulted her into internet stardom.

Listen as Madison Hinton chats with us about the roller coaster ride her life has been lately now that she’s transitioning from an adult entertainer, to an entertainer for adults.

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FOF #1987 - Happy Birthday Brian Sweeney! - 05.15.14

FOF #1987 – Happy Birthday Brian Sweeney!

It’s comedian Brian Sweeney’s birthday, and he expects all of you to celebrate or so help him God, he’ll make it his personal mission to destroy everything that you love. Brian has an awkward time around people, so don’t take his threats seriously.

Today, Brian Sweeney joins us to talk about why so many 30 somethings get depressed on their birthdays and why the new Spiderman movie sucked so bad.

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FOF #1479 - Ronnie Kroell Goes to Hollywood - 11.10.11

FOF #1479 – Ronnie Kroell Goes to Hollywood

Whether your a fan of Ronnie Kroell from the reality TV show ”Make Me a Supermodel” or you lusted after him on the cover of Playgirl, you’ll be glad to know he’s doing better than ever and he’s now single and ready to mingle.

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