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FOF #2997 – Hot News: Remembering Stephen Sondheim

More intense than a fight between white and Puerto Rican street gangs who just happen to have 5 years of ballet, jazz and modern under their dance belts, it’s Feast of Fun!

Today- we remember the legendary Broadway titan Stephen Sondheim, best known for musicals like: West Side Story, Company, Sweeney Todd and Madonna’s Dick Tracy movie. Sondheim passed away this weekend, at the age of 91.

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FOF #2996 – All the Hot News: Adele, Britney, Sesame Street Banned and the RENT is Too Damn High

It’s the podcast that always has a fire in its heart, but thankfully you can see a doctor about it, it’s Feast of Fun! Now celebrating 3000 shows and 16 years.

Today- it’s all sizzling, all hot news: Hot and fresh, just like you like it henny.

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BREAKING: White House to release new LGBT bullying guidelines to schools

It may have taken two years, but it seems the White House has figured out that Title IX protects students from anti-gay & anti-transgender bullying. Now they’re clearing up for the schools. Today, the Department […]

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Are Americans Too Smart? [VIDEO]

The answer, sadly, is maybe not.

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Dad Only Speaks Klingon to Child

A Minnesota man decided to see if he could teach his child Klingon, so for the first three years that’s all he spoke. d’Armond Speers (no relation to Britney) has a doctorate in computational linguistics […]

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HIV is Still a Big Deal

Here’s a new online TV series about a young white gay man living in New York City, who’s friends of color seem to have nothing better to do than meet up with him to lend […]

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