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Welcome Baby Facebook

A man in Egypt named his baby daughter “Facebook” to honor the role that the social media network played in bringing about the January 25th revolution.

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PHOTO: Why President Mubarak Stepped Down

In the future all political leaders will have a sexy photo of themselves shirtless. Until then, we have Photoshop. — Source

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PHOTOS: Egyptian President Mubarak’s Ears Look Like Hot Dog Buns

I fully support any country who wants to overthrow their horrific dictaors in the name of equality. Like Bill Maher said- “Once the people of Egypt and Tunisia are finished rising up against the corrupt, […]

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VIDEO: Do Ancient Egyptian Gods Protect the Museum in Egypt?

Apparently, despite all the hullabaloo about pro- or anti-government protesters looting the museum in Egypt, only one looter made it in.  He did some damage, and damaged himself in the process.  But, he didn’t steal […]

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VIDEO: Jon Stewart on Egyptian Attack of Anderson Cooper

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Daily Show on Facebook Always good for a laugh, Jon Stewart talks about the the situation in Egypt and the recent attack […]

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VIDEO: Egyptians Attack Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper recently said viewers like to see him attacked by the forces of nature, but in this very shaky video, Anderon is attacked by a mob a men in Egypt. You can hear him […]

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