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FOF #892 – The Real Life Cleve Jones

How far have we come in the fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual ans transgendered rights since the 1970s? Gus Van Sant’s new biographic film MILK brings forth a chilling timeliness with parallels to the anti-gay measures […]

FOF #885 – Chock Full of Nuts

Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what’s on the other side? And why is the internet chock full of nuts? On today’s show we’ve got one of our power listeners, Dr. Thom […]

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FOF #882 – Rev. Straight Talks About Prop. 8

How do you stop the hate in 2008? The recent passing of Proposition 8, a California State ballot aimed to take away the State’s ability to issue same-sex marriage licenses is raising questions on the […]

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Proposition 8 Protest

Frustrated with the anti-gay measures in the last election? Stand up and make your voice heard. Join us this Saturday for a fierce rally to protest Proposition 8 which took away existing same-sex marriage rights […]

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FOF #874 – Election Hangover

There is much to celebrate! Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois made history this week as the first black candidate to be elected president of the U S of A! People are thrilled! So why […]

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FOF #873 – Yes We Did!

Yes we can people, yes we did! Voter anxiety was alleviated yesterday as the nation electad its first black President, the Senator from Illinois Barack Obama. We are thrilled. Marc and I decided to get […]

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