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FOF #1231 – Prop 8 Blowback Mountin’

Prop 8 has been overturned, whee! But a hater’s work is to fight against civil rights and as long as they are getting paid, they’ll do the job.

Still, we’re confident that soon everyone will be able to marry each other, everybody except robots.

Today we’re joined by robot-loving Curtis Jensen to talk about what some of the haters are doing to foil equality.

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Why Kagan’s rumored sexuality won’t matter in the hearing

We don’t know if Kagan is a lesbian or not, but we do know that Republicans will likely not ask her during her confirmation, for fear of opening a can of worms.

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FOF #1188 – Raw and Wild

Fresh off his solo show on a doomed chocolate whale, Marsian De Lellis is high on a rampage, after consuming platefuls of raw, vegan food on mother’s day. So try to keep up!

Listen as we chat with Marsian about the wonders of a raw food, Biblical diets, the changing nature of being gay, drag queen Nina Flowers and Iron Man 2 the movie, featuring plastic man Mikey Rourke.

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Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

President Obama has announced his nominee to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, and it’s not a very surprising choice: Solicitor General Elena Kagan. The Good: During her deanship at Harvard Law, Kagan supported policy […]

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